How Did I Get Here? (Why I am learning programming)

Posted by Jennwil on July 13, 2017

If there is one thing that most people know about me (no matter the amount of time they’ve known me) is that I love change. Whether it’s moving all my stuff around my house, changing my hair cut/color, or always acquiring new interests and hobbies. It’s not that I get bored easily. I actually adore tedious tasks. But change​ makes me feel alive, as contrived as that sounds.

In my current form I’m an administrative assistant, which in most cases has meant glorified customer service. Nothing changes. So I don’t believe that I’m in the right field, it was never something I saw myself doing, it just fell into my lap.

I’ve taken classes from biology to graphic design. As much as I enjoyed each of those, there was something that kept me from pursuing either to the fullest. So I ended up working odd jobs. I’ve been a picture framer, nurse assistant, animal care tech, and now administrative assistant.

During my graphic design schooling, I dabbled in CSS and Dreamweaver. I loved that side of things. A couple of years ago during my free time I started doing tutorials for CSS and then Java. So when I heard about Flatiron I knew I wanted to check it out. I started at the very beginning of the prep course. I had heard that boot camps aren’t​ always the best way to learn​ for everyone. So I wanted to be doubly sure that I would be able to follow along. And it’s been great; learning Ruby in particular has been a joy.

From knowing many people in the field I have some insight on the workload and tasks. You may be working on one project for what might seem like an eternity. But you are always solving something different. And then a new project, new problems to solve. That sounds fantastic to me.